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The Lakeshore Chamber Orchestra, welcome!

Lakeshore Chamber Orchestra
Stewart Grant
- The Lakeshore Chamber Orchestra was founded by Andrès Gutmanis (see Founder page) in 1971 with a small group of string players that has now expanded to approximately forty members with the addition of woodwind, brass and percussions. The orchestra plays on the West Island of Montreal and is devoted to providing amateur musicians of various capabilities, backgrounds and ages an opportunity to practice and to perform classical music in public for the enjoyment of both its members and its audience. This season, we have a guest conductor for each concert.

Prepared programs are presented before audiences, often supporting charitable fund-raising efforts. Concerts are usually presented in local churches or schools. Soloists are invited to perform works with the orchestra and concerts have been held with local choirs.

Although most players live in the West Island boroughs, others travel to rehearsals and concerts from west of the island, Montreal and the South Shore. Owing to the mobility of the suburban population, the personnel often change; this requires a constant search for good instrumentalists but the orchestra has been fortunate in attracting competent representation in all its sections. For performances of works requiring special instrumentation the orchestra is augmented with invited players. Thus the repertoire has sometimes extended beyond that usual for chamber orchestras.

The connections of the orchestra with various educational institutions, notably Lindsay Place High School, have provided an opportunity for advanced students to join. The experience gives the young people an extracurricular experience of the orchestral repertoire and the enjoyment of making music for pleasure.

Members of the orchestra share a concept of providing a local community activity for interested players. Applicants should be reasonably proficient and are expected to be diligent in attendance and self-improvement. Enjoyment, enthusiasm and continued interest, as well as ability, are the most important qualifications. If you want more information,  you can contact us at info@lakeshorechamberorchestra.ca

Rehearsals are held in Pointe Claire on Wednesday evenings. 

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